20 recordings from Radziwie. New sound map available from the end of November

20 recordings from Radziwie. New sound map available from the end of November

This is the fourth large fieldrecording publication that I have prepared, published by the Nobiscum Foundation. As always, the recordings are accompanied by photographs by Gabriela Nowak-Dąbrowska.

Radziwie is currently a district of Płock, incorporated into the city 100 years ago.

The audiosphere of contemporary Radziwie is a conglomerate of the sounds of the Vistula River, quite intense industrial human activity and zones of almost complete silence scattered mainly on the outskirts of the district. Its tissue is cut by the ubiquitous and noisy railway line – audible in many places, even seemingly distant ones. Radziwie is also a place of quite intense road traffic, which is no different from the rest of Płock. It seems, however, that despite progressing industrialization, Radziwie is resisting complete transformation into a strictly urban area, and this is also a characteristic feature of its soundscape.

The sound map of Radziwie was published as a free CD in 1,000 copies, containing 20 field recordings and photographs.

The publication is available from Thursday, November 30, 2023, in Płock:

  • at the Płock Local Tourist Organization, 8 Old Market Square
  • at the Cinema around the Corner in the Płock Center for Culture and Art, 10 Jakubowskiego Street

And also from Monday, December 4:

  • in Warsaw – in the Elektra Reading Room of Words and Sounds at the Mazovian Institute of Culture, 12 Elektoralna Street
  • directly from the Nobiscum Foundation, e-mail contact: info@fundacjanobiscum.eu

More CD distribution points – coming soon!

The official website of the publication: https://fundacjanobiscum.eu/radziwie/

The recordings were published under the Creative Commons – attribution license (CC BY 3.0 PL).

Public funded task
“Radziwie. Sound map of the district of Płock at the bank of Vistula”
implemented by the Nobiscum Foundation thanks to funding
from the budget of the Mazovian Voivodeship.