About me

Piotr Dąbrowski – musician, producer, sound engineer based in Płock, Poland. In his current artistic activity focused on exploring the possibilities offered by a modular system and a variety of electronic and electroacoustic instruments. He creates mainly in ambient aesthetics, not avoiding difficult to classify sound explorations and field recordings. For some time he has been constructing his own devices for recording ambient sounds, such as hydrophones and geophones, as well as effect stompboxes and eurorack modules. He is the curator of the concert series Sygnał/Szum (Signal/Noise).

In 2019, he launched projects UBIEL – in which he translated chamber compositions by Stanisław Moniuszko into the language of ambient and drone music, Random Variable – based on the exploration of randomness and sequences created on the basis of algorithms, which is the result of the artist’s fascination with improvisation, the idea of ​​a creative dialogue with the machine and the role case in music, as well as Smalltown Soundscapes – a field recording concept based on recordings made in small Polish towns. In March 2020, the album “Wyszło z boru” (“Out of the woods”) was released, in which the title poem by Bolesław Leśmian served as an inspiration to create ambient-drone music. In 2021, the project “Fantomatyka” (“Phantomatics”) was launched, in which the title idea by Stanisław Lem was used to create 8 tracks inspired by fragments of field recordings and sound phenomena occurring in them. In recent years, he has created three large strictly field recording projects: the first part of the “Sound Map of Płock” (2020) containing 40 recordings of the city still under pandemic restrictions, the project “Singing with its noise. The sound map of the Vistula in the Mazovia region” (2021), which included 40 recordings documenting a journey along the banks of the river in its Mazovian section, as well as the “Sound map of the Brudzeń Landscape Park” (2022), which consisted of 20 recordings of this interesting nature park near Płock. His audio collage “Jedenaście pięter” (“Eleven Floors”) based on 7 field recordings made in a large-panel block of flats and its immediate vicinity using a DIY microphone and geophone, was awarded in an open call organized at the end of 2022 by the Mazovian Institute of Culture and Radio Kapitał.

Video interview as part of the Signal/Noise On/Line series (in Polish with English subtitles):

Interview for Anxious Magazine (by Artur Mieczkowski, in Polish):

Interview for “Czas Kultury” (by Filip Szałasek, in Polish):